16 Mar 2014 - Councillor speaks out against huge new list of banned activities in Bristol's parks

Dr Mark Wright, the councillor for the city-centre is calling on fellow councillors to reject a proposal to ban a huge number of ordinary park activities in Bristol's parks and green spaces. On Tuesday 18th, councillors will debate a recommendation to bring in a raft of new "By-laws" that will trigger a whopping £500 fine for such activities as:

* children climbing trees

* having a BBQ

* playing football in an "annoying" way

* skateboarding in an "annoying" way

* Making an "annoying" noise

* putting up a wind/sun break

* being with a parent in a children's area if you don't have a child yourself

Mark says, "The proposed new bans are a massive over-reaction to issues that are either better managed by education and common sense, or are a natural result of demographics with different world-views using public areas together."

"The vast majority of city-centre residents have no garden and live in purpose-built or converted flats. For them, public parks are the only open space they have access to. The large majority of parks have no designated BBQ facility and most likely never will. The ban on BBQs everywhere except designated areas is therefore a de-facto total ban on BBQs in the vast majority of parks, and for the large majority of central residents with no garden it is a de-facto ban on enjoying BBQs full stop."

"What makes this so unfair is that the public consultation ran during the summer holidays for students, and so most likely excluded them entirely. It is no surprise that half of all consultation respondents were aged over 50. This package of bans will quickly lead to a substantial deterioration on relations between the police and young people, who will inevitably be the main target of police action as a result."

* Web-link to Mark's statement to Council on this.