18 Mar 2014 - Councillor welcomes withdrawal of parks bylaw plans

Cabot councillor Mark Wright tonight (March 18th) welcomed today's decision to withdraw plans to ban a long list of activities in Bristol's parks. Yesterday, Cllr Wright made national headlines with a sharp warning against proposals to introduce a raft of new bylaws.

These would have banned everything from children climbing trees, to people enjoying barbecues and others playing football in an "annoying" way.

Cllr Wright described the proposals as "a massive over-reaction to issues that are either better managed by education and common sense, or are a natural result of demographics with different world-views using public areas together."

The proposals have now been withdrawn for a rethink by councillors. Cllr Wright told tonight's meeting of the full city council: "I'm very pleased we are going to have a chance to give the much this closer examination it clearly needs."