20 May 2014 - European Elections

This Thursday 22nd May, elections to the European Parliament are taking place across the country, with local elections also happening in other parts of Bristol (though there is no election in Cabot ward this year).

I obviously hope that you would give Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson your vote. Graham is a man of great integrity, and played a key role in helping Bristol to win its coveted status as European Green Capital. In addition, as the President of the European liberal group, he is one of the most influential members of the European Parliament. There is much more information on Graham's website at http://www.grahamwatsonmep.org – please take a look before you decide how to cast your vote.

As a party, the Lib Dems believe in a Britain which is open, diverse and engaged with the rest of the world, not one which is closed, isolated and intolerant. There are lots of myths peddled about the European Union, and whilst we accept it has its flaws, we believe that being a proactive and involved member of the EU gives us the UK the best chance to achieve its ambitions. That’s why we are the only party of IN. http://www.libdems.org.uk/in_europe

Whichever way you would be inclined to vote, please do make the effort to go the polling station. Nationally, only around a third of registered voters bother to vote in European elections, and the turnout in Cabot ward is usually less. However you look at it, that is bad news for democracy.