24 Feb 2015 - Shock as proposal to close 7 Bristol libraries published

Residents across Bristol have reacted with shock to a proposal to close 7 local libraries by Green Party councillor Daniella Radice, who is in charge of the library service under the Mayor. BBC report here.

Of course the Internet has reduced lots of the demand for books, but when Lib Dems were running the libraries we understood the continuing great importance they have as community hubs and general learning centres. We built two new libraries, and saved money when needed by co-locating them with other services and also by innovative changes like self-serve book check-outs. There is no need for closures.

The Marksbury Road library is sadly on Cllr Radice's hit-list. This library was saved from closure in 2008 before by a spirited local campaign and help from Windmill Hill Cllr Mark Bailey and former Cllr Alf Havvock. It can be saved again! Local campaigners have created a petition against the closure, which you can find here: http://epetitions.bristol.gov.uk/epetition_core/view/marksburyroad.