9 Apr 2015 - Coalition government ends and election 2015 begins!

The Coalition government created in spring 2010 has come to an end and the 2015 election campaign has started. Almost all political commentators are saying that the most likely outcome is another “hung parliament” as no party is polling enough votes to win by itself.

Dr Mark Wright has been officially nominated as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bristol South.

The full candidate list for Bristol South is:

Party Name
Lib Dem Mark Wright
Labour Karin Smyth
Conservative Isobel Grant
UKIP Steve Wood
Green Party Tony Dyer
TUSC Tom Baldwin

(Full Council nomination papers available here)

The Lib Dem candidates for the local elections in the wards in Bristol South are:

Ward Name
Bedminster Peter Main
Bishopsworth Gareth Owen
Filwood Crispin Allard
Hartcliffe Paul Elvin
Hengrove Sylvia Doubell
Knowle Cllr Chris Davies
Southville Lena Wright
Whitchurch park Harriet Clough
Windmill Hill Andrew Brown

(Full Council nomination papers available here)

Mark's comment:

It is an honour to be fighting for Bristol South again. Last time I came second to Labour; this time I want to win! We do not need to fear another coalition government. Coalitions are the norm in almost every other developed country except the UK and USA. The last 5 years have shown that coalitions can and do deliver stable and strong government. The next coalition government can draw on the experiences of this last one, and will be the wiser for it.

After May 7th the Lib Dems will do what we always do, which is put the nation first and work on that basis to help a stable government form. Our only proviso is that we will not go into coalition with nationalists like the SNP or UKIP – whose primary goal is to break up our country or to break up the European Union. We want to build a stronger, fairer future for everyone in our country.