18 April 2015 - No more pay cuts for nurses, teachers and police in Bristol South

Public sector workers in Bristol South deserve to feel the benefits of the economic recovery by receiving pay increases by at least the rate of inflation, Liberal Democrat candidate Dr Mark Wright has said. Liberal Democrats in government will ensure employees in the public sector are no longer subject to real term cuts in their pay, which will guarantee an increase in pay to one in five workers in Bristol South. That's a minimum pay rise over the next two years of:

Mark Wright said: "Public sector workers in Bristol South have made enough sacrifices. You have done your bit to help get the country back on track. That's why the Liberal Democrats believe it is time to end the era of pay restraint. Under our plans, we will give all public sector workers - from teachers and nurses to social workers and police officers - pay rises which at least keep pace with the cost of living every year. No more pay freezes or below inflation pay rises."

"The Tories' ideological cuts to public spending and Labour's failure to tackle the deficit means both parties will have to make further cuts to real terms pay. Our balanced approach to the economy - tackling the deficit but doing it fairly - means the Liberal Democrats are the only party that can make this pay-rise commitment for the next parliament."