18 Apr 2017 - PM Theresa May stuns Britain by calling a snap General Election!

The Prime Minister Theresa May has stunned the whole country by calling a snap General Election. The PM maintains it is to prevent "wreckers" in Parliament from interfering with the Brexit negotiations with the EU, but strong suspicions exist that it was a combination of Jeremy Corbyn taking his Labour to record low opinion-poll ratings, and also the police investigations into the election expenses of 20 Conservative MPs, which threatens to deprive the PM of her majority.

The Lib Dems have said that they will fight the election on a promise to give the voters a chance to reject the final Brexit deal in a referendum, and thereby remain in the EU if the voters choose that option.

By chance, the Lib Dem leader Tim Farron was in Bristol launching the Lib Dem Metro Mayor campaign, as the PM made her announcement. Tim Farron said, "If you want to avoid a disastrous Hard Brexit. If you want to keep Britain in the single market. If you want a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, this is your chance. Only the Liberal Democrats can prevent a Conservative majority."