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Parliamentary Challenger - Ben Nutland

Ben Nutland

A Strong Voice for Bristol South

Ben Nutland is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bristol South at the 2017 General Election. The Lib Dems were pushed far backwards in 2015, but still have 4 councillors in the area, and bounced back strongly in the May 2017 elections to come second here again. The current MP is Labour's Karin Smyth, and the results from last time are on the information page.


Ben is a committed campaigner, working hard to represent the people of Bristol South. He was inspired to join the Liberal Democrats by Charles Kennedy and his opposition to the Iraq War - since then he has been a passionate advocate for local people, working hard to make sure their voices are heard at the local and Parliamentary level.

As a UNICEF Children's champion in the South West, Ben is working hard to ensure the Government listens and understands the concerns and plight of the people of Syria and the growing geo political situation within the region.

On a national level, Ben is working with the US Embassy in London as a member of its Young Leaders UK initiative, helping to foster stronger relations between our two countries. The Young Leaders programme has had the opportunity to meet with and discuss major world issues with President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Ben was born in Bristol and moved to the nearby village of Chipping Sodbury at a young age. Since leaving school, he has worked in the food industry and is now the Managing Director of a locally based International export company.

When he is not knocking on doors, Ben enjoys spending time with his family in the Cotswold countryside. Ben admires Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon for his tireless work in campaigning for a Liberal Britain.

Dr Mark Wright, who fought Bristol South for the Lib Dems in 2010 and 2015, is backing Ben 100%. "Ben has a great team of Lib Dem councillors and experienced campaigners behind him and we're all be fighting for an open, tolerant and united Britain."

Ben Nutland and Mark Wright

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The Lib Dems have several councillors and campaigners in Bristol South. Below are listed the councillors by ward, with links to their details.

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