Bristol South Representatives

Welcome to Bristol South's Representatives webpage. Here you can find information about the Councillors and leading Lib Dem campaigners in the ward.

The Bristol South Liberal Democrat Team

The Lib Dems have several councillors and campaigners in Bristol South. Below are listed the councillors by ward, with links to their details.

Helping Us

We are always happy to hear from people who want to help us help the community. You can help in a number of ways, for example: delivering our newsletters to your local street, putting up an election poster, helping in local campaigns to improve services and the environment, joining the party, donating to the party, and more. If you want to help then use the contacts listed above.

To join Bristol South Liberal Democrats, you can go to the main Liberal Democrat website and join online there. We are always happy to hear from people who want to join us, or who are about to join us. If you join online at the main site we will eventually get you details via central office, but this may take a few weeks.

To donate to Bristol South Liberal Democrats, the best way right now is via the main Bristol Liberal Democrat site.

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